I'll raise your pretty, and give you fabulous

A few days ago, I posted my pretty Trader Joe's sparkling lemonade bottle vases. These bottles are just too pretty to throw away, don't you think.

As I was looking at the vases, I started thinking that they would be fun to decorate with a little scrapbooking paper and mod podge.

Here is the fabulous result ...

It was an incredibly simple project. These would be ideal hostess gifts (take one to the host with a pretty flower inside, or use twigs like I did). I think these would also be adorable as decoration for a party.

I took some shipping tags from Office Depot and added a few of my favorite bible verses to them and tied the tags to the twigs for a little added flair. You could customize the tags in so many ways - for a birthday celebration, a baby shower, a wedding shower, etc.

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