Talk Back: Monday morning blues

We have dealt with our fair share of separation anxiety in our home. I had a ton of apprehension going into the kindergarten season because I expected it to be a bit of a rough transition for my daughter. It was pretty painless. I attribute that mostly to answered prayer. And a little to preparing with book reading and a lot of dialogue and processing.

However, it feels like every time we have taken a break from school, we have a day or so of tears and anxiety as we get ready to head back. We are on a year round schedule, so we just wrapped up 3 weeks of vacation(three blissful, amazing, lazy, I-can-stay-in-jammies-until-10-AM weeks). Logan is having some serious objections to going back to school. Tears, crying and begging not to go.

Do any of you deal with this after having a break from the routine? How do you handle the post-vacation blues?

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