TALK BACK: Abbie Dorn

A mother who is unable to move or speak — and possibly to understand — is the focus of an unusual, emotional court case to decide if she has visitation rights with her 3-year-old triplets.  Abbie Dorn gave birth to three children in 2006, and was gravely injured during the birth.  She has since been declared to be in a vegetative state and lives with her parents, who believe she can communicate through blinking.  Her ex-husband raises their triplets, and does not believe the children are mature enough to visit with their disabled mother.  A custody battle has now ensued, with Abbie's parents fighting for her right to see her children, despite some doctors asserting that she has no brain activity.

Cases like this, and like Terri Schaivo's some years ago, often force us to ponder what we would want if we were in the same position.  If you were in a vegetative state, what would you wish for your children or your spouse?  What do you think the court should decide for Abbie Dorn's three children?  Should the father take his children to visit her?  Or is he correct in trying to protect them from seeing their mother in that state?

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