keeping it real (nobody puts baby in a corner)

I had a "keeping it real" moment this week when I was attempting to clean out my garage.  I believe I could be a candidate for a Hoarders episode with my garage in its current state. I was trying to at least pave a path for the children to play, and Karis was crawling all over the place, finding stray leaves and twigs (and silverfish? perhaps?) and attempting to put them in her mouth. I thought that I should go grab the excersaucer so I could have a way to keep her contained. But the excersaucer was all the way in the house . . . and so bulky and heavy . . . and here I was in a garage full of plastic boxes . . .

So what do you think I did? I put my baby in a box. In the corner. And then I let her play with a knife. BECAUSE IT WAS THERE, AND IT MADE HER HAPPY.

(Please also note the graveyard of infant carseats behind her).

So that's my shining moment for this week. Well, one of them anyways. Wanna play? What are some of your keeping-it-real moments for the week?  (Or should I say not-so-best moments?).


  1. i love taking pictures of my daughters tantrums....evil? or keeping my own sanity and remembering that she won't be two forever? you be the judge. then someday I will make a giant collage of all of her angry moments...i suck.
    I DO listen to her and comfort her too...i promise...most of the time.

  2. Last week after my Stroller Power Walking Group, we headed into a popular cafe in our town, and hauled all of our strollers along in as well. I parked mine, and then one more momma showed up, and I realized that I needed to turn mine around so that my son can see. So there I go, sort of frantically trying to make room for this other mom and trying to wheel my jogger with my 7 month old inside...I forgot that he was no longer strapped in, and almost did a head dive right out of the seat. Thank goodness for my reflexes though! I was able to palm my hand to his forehead before he went flying out of the stroller...what a look I got from the guy sitting at the next table over...bad momma!

  3. Oh, I love it! I'm all about baby-containment & if you can achieve that PLUS a happy baby, then I say put that baby in a box. Today my 10-month-old spent the day moving from crib, to pack-n-play, to high chair, to exersaucer, to stroller, back to high chair... When left to his own devices he spends the day licking the trash can and unscrewing door stops. If I want to accomplish even the smallest chore, that child has to be contained! I promise he gets lots of free play time on the floor - good behavior earns him some time out of his baby jails. ;)

  4. lol..just happened on this blog and LOVE it already!!

    Hi! Im Paige, you can find me at

    Totally a new follower!


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