Earth Day Resolutions

Today is earth day. I love this day because I think there is always room for greater consideration of our planet. My husband and I got away this past weekend to a quiet resort is beautiful north county San Diego. Just the space away from the "noise" of life opened my eyes a little wider to the incredible beauty that surrounds us. (Being at a "tranquility pool" sipping mai tai's may have helped too.) I am not just talking about the background noise that makes up the soundtracks of our lives as mamas - you know, the bickering, the laughter, the singing, the clanging, the stomping, the sounds of trains tooting and cars vrooming, little pastel colored ponies giggling and frolicking in the prairies... There is also "noise" that we are so used to that we often don't even recognize it is there. I am talking about all the little things that occupy our brainy bandwidth in a day. Facebook, ipods, music, TV, blogs, racing from place to place with our "To Do List" ticking away in our heads. This is the noise that I think most often keeps us from looking up. Slowing down. Taking that deep breath and admiring the blue of the sky or the many shades of green on the trees.

So, earth day for me is not just about doing something for the earth to help its carbon count or making it a little greener. This is all so important, I really believe it is. But, earth day takes on a deeper reminder for me just to pause and consider this earth. The beauty that surrounds us every day. And for me, remembering that the same powerful hands that made the earth and colored the sky, are shaping my life. How can I feel overwhelmed about anything in my life when I truly consider that right in front of my eyes is a clear reminder that there is a big God with huge power and creativity at work in my life?

I want to have the posture, like the psalmist, who says, "I lift my eyes up to the mountains. Where does my help come from? My help comes from you - Maker of heaven. Creator of the earth."

I just have to pause long enough to lift my eyes to the mountains.

Lets make today a day that we breathe a little more slowly and maybe just sit for an extra moment to drink it in.

And then, in the spirit of wanting to take care of this big ball of beauty - maybe we could start a tradition of making an "Earth Day Resolution". It could be big or small - most importantly, make it something you are going to follow through on.

What is one thing you want to do this year in your home that will make it a little greener?

We have to leave you with this video of a friend of ours. She was paddling from the coast of California to Catalina Island (9 hours of rigorous exercise, y'all), and for 2 hours she had a whale traveling with her. There are beautiful layers to this story: Jodie took on this endeavor to raise money for breast cancer and to encourage her best friend to continue to fight her battle with breast cancer. And, the morning of the paddle, Jodie and her sister and friend prayed that God would reveal Himself in creation. Quite a revelation to have "Larry the Whale" swimming right at your feet. Check out Jodie's story.

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