You are all invited ...

this is huge.

this is beauty on display.

we know this may not be a possibility for those of you who don't live within driving distance. but, we all know people everywhere, and maybe you know some peeps in the local area that should be invited. (hint hint: go invite them) And, after you invite them, make sure you visit the isanctuary shop to see their amazing jewlery line that is hand made by survivors.

Who is iSanctuary?

We are big fans of this organization. They empower survivors of human trafficking.

So, think of going through the worst ordeal imaginable.
You have scars.
You are broken.

isanctuary is there to help with the healing.
Gentle hands.
They have a vision for you that will open your world to hope and healing.
And, maybe even some joy.
They can keep your hands busy while your heart and mind heal.
They pour courage into you.

This will be a beautiful night. We hope to see you there ...

iSanctuary at Sawdust
April 10, 2010 6:30pm-10:30pm
Sawdust Festival Grounds, Laguna Beach, California

Come hear from local survivors of human trafficking...
Music, art, drinks, appetizers, coffee bar, prizes, raffle and auction.

Tickets $25
VIP $75

Tickets Available Now!

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  1. wow, i love your comment, "they keep your hands busy while your heart and mind heals." I had never heard what we do described in such a beautiful way. Thank you! And thank you for your encouraging words. Stephanie


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