why I don't return emails

I have been trying to return three emails all day. ALL DAY. Three emails - emails that require just a few minutes of uninterrupted attention. How hard can that be? I think I sat down 20 times today to attempt this. Here are a few things that took precedence:

  • Breaking up fights between kids on the trampoline
  • Attempting to superglue a tiny lightsaber to Luke Skywalker's hand, so that Karis does not inject the lightsaber that Jafta continues to leave on the floor DESPITE SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS TO LEAVE UP HIGH AND OUT OF HER REACH
  • Charging the batteries to each kid's remote control car, which requires a screwdriver, an allen wrench, and a three-pronged plug (a rarity in this 50-year-old house)
  • Fixing the straps of India's backpack (x12)
  • Tying the shoelaces of Air Jordans when the boys decide they want to play basketball. Untying when the boys decide they want to jump on the trampoline. No, basketball. No, trampoline. No, basketball. No, OH MY GOSH MAKE UP YOUR MIND.
  • Pulling small objects out of Karis’ mouth. Ad infinitum.
  • Doing three loads of laundry
  • Unpeeling baby oranges
  • Following directions to drink a playdoh smoothie, and eat a playdoh pizza, and then following directions to pretend it is yummy, no yucky, no now it's disgusting.
  • Hosting a tea party for India and Princess Tiana
  • Swiffering spilled tea
  • Administering four baths
  • Preparing for a class
  • Searching for lost DVD for tomorrow's class
  • Write cathartic blog post about inability to return emails
How about you? What are the things you do all day, that keep you from getting anything done?


  1. stopping 75 times while trying to type emails to say "honey, just start talking. say what you need instead of just mommy mommy mommy mommy ma mama mama mama mommy MOM"


  2. Oh, they respond 100 percent of the time, just not with "Yes, Mommy." I would say I get the proper response 70 percent of the time.

  3. ha ha, while trying to read this post I have:
    made a batch of play dough,
    broke up 20 arguments
    gathered up garbage spread helter sketer around the house
    wiped spilled salt off the bottom of my foot
    swept the floor of traces of spilled salt
    grit my teeth on the way to the computer because I can still feel the salt crunch beneath my feet
    Ignored 2 more fights and hoped there would be no blood
    Finished reading and laughing out loud, and feeling quite encouraged to know I'm not the only one.

  4. Reading blogs and Facebook!

  5. Well, I try to get all my computer stuff done when the kids are in bed unless I want to attempt emailing with a 3 year old sitting on my keyboard. But tonight, for example, I've already been summoned to the 8 year old's bedside (mid-blog post) to hear "Mommy, I'm worried that I crack my knuckles too much."


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