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I recently stumbled across this blog, about a family who sold everything to live in an RV and travel the US with their two kids. They have committed to a nomadic lifestyle, and are finding that it fits them very well. While living out of an RV may not be my thing, I admire their willingness to step out of their comfort zone.

Have you ever have dreams or aspirations to live differently? Ever thought about living abroad, or pulling your kids out of school? Have dreams of buying land and living off the grid, or even creating your own sustainable garden? Ever thought of moving into a loft in a new city, or being a part of a cooperative community? If you dream wildly, what things would you love to do differently?

What are you already doing differently?


  1. I saw an episode of Wife Swap where the family did that. The kids were miserable because they had no friends.

    But Matt and I dream of other options, like packing up and going to a new state. I know, pretty out of control.

  2. Sometimes it doesn't seem like we live differently, until we go back to the States and we talk about living in Europe and get looks like we have 2 heads. =P So, I guess it's pretty different, but it's become the norm for us. We live as missionaries in Prague, Czech Republic. We've lived her long enough that we were able to adopt as locals, delivered twins in a Czech hospital and live a city life in an apartment in the city center. It's got negatives and positives, but I wouldn't change it for the experiences that our family are getting. And we are about to pack up and move across Europe to Madrid, Spain for a new culture, new language, new adventure. Yeah, I guess we are kind of nomadic and we love it!!

  3. I always dreamed of having a larger family (4 - 5 kiddos) and adopting. We are well on our way! Now that the kiddos are getting older I love looking at them and appreciating the chance to live this dream. Of course it's so normal to us that we forget that this is unusual to others, but that's fine by us. :)
    mama to 1 by birth, 2 by adoption, pg w/ #4, and hoping we'll be sane enough to adopt one more before we're done....we'll see! ;)

  4. It is one of my dreams and goals to be able to homeschool my kids for a year while we travel across the country in an RV. In my "dream" the RV is one of those ones that is like a tour bus or house on wheels so the thought of a year in a box doesn't seem so crazy.

    I would love for my kids to see the country and study the civil war where it actually took place, see washington dc while we talk about our nation's great, and sometimes troublesome, history.

    I love the Hickerson Family and their courage to travel around the world, and even more so - that wherever they go, they are aiming to leave it a better place. Here is the link to their blog :

  5. I am a SCUBA instructor but haven't been in the water since my daughter was born three years ago. It is finally getting to the point that I can leave her with family for the day. My husband and I keep talking about moving to some tropical destination and opening a dive shop or small hotel. We started an online business selling cloth diapers hoping that we could someday run it from anywhere there is internet access. So far we have seen some success but not enough to pack up and move. I guess we have to dream a little while longer.

  6. How fun to read the dreams of others and to know that they CAN become a reality.
    I'm a grandmother of 8 wonderful grandchildren...mother of 4 awesome kids... well, ok, they are grown up now. On Christmas Day, my husband and I started a new lifestyle..eating absolutely NO animal products, NO refine foods, NO oils of any kind, NO dairy products, and NO salt. It has been a challange with cooking, but since I love to cook, it's been a fun challange. In two months, I feel 20 years younger and I am 20 pounds lighter. I told my husband today after our walk, "Wow, wonder how I'm going to feel after losing 40 lbs?" Loosing weight is a by-product of the lifestyle, but obviously, I did have a lot of weight to lose.
    Thanks for your posts, I love them.


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