Talk Back: eating out for dinner

How often do you eat out for dinner? What are your tips for cutting costs while eating out? What are your tips for eating out with kids?  Do you have any secrets for making it an enjoyable experience?  Where do you like to go?


  1. We order water to drink, share meals sometimes, always use coupons! We love Chipotle and the little mom and pop Italian place by our house :)

  2. Water
    Share a meal
    Rarely ever order from the kids menu, if I do my 2 kids split one order.
    No dessert or appetizers

    Our favorite family friendly restaurants are: Swiss Chalet, East Side Marios, Olive Garden is ok too but the line to get in is always 30 mins or more so I make sure to bring my bag of tricks in with us.

    The bag of tricks includes: nuts or small individually packaged snacks & water, TAG Pen and books in carrying case, 2 small cars, 2 little people, my DD's "make up" (Lip balm). Usually an assortment of these items. I've even brought our Fisher Price portable DVD player if I think it is going to be a long haul ie. waiting to be seated and visiting and catching up with friends over a long meal.

  3. We rarely go anywhere that is not kid friendly (unless it's date night).Our favorite places are all local, sushi joints, diners, or mexican restaurants.

    This is not the most popular answer with some parents, but sometimes we will bring a dvd player to entertain our 3 year old or new apps and TV shows on our Iphones. It makes the meal more enjoyable for all the adults at the table.
    I always pack my son snacks, a PB&J and order him a special chocolate milk. If he wants what we are having great, but if not I have the sandwich as a back up.
    We always order water and stay away from desserts and alcohol.

  4. We drink water, use coupons, don't bother with appetizers, alcohol, coffee, or desserts, and basically just make sure to choose inexpensive, child-friendly places!

    I stuff the diaper bag full of things to keep my son occupied -- crayons & paper, small toy trucks, books, little snacks such as cheese sticks, sliced fruit, crackers. He's a pretty adventurous eater, so he's usually eager to share whatever we're eating, although I often do order something off the kids menu so he doesn't devour everything on our plates!


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