My letter to Disney...

Dear Disney,

Why do you hate me? Why do you insist upon creating 100 different versions of the cars from the movie "Cars"?

Did you really need to create a Lightening McQueen that has his tongue sticking out, the Lightening McQueen with some dirt on his face, the Classic McQueen, the regular Lightening McQueen, and the Dinoco Lightening McQueen? That is just with the Lightening McQueen merchandise. Don't even get me started on all the different versions of Chick Hicks and Doc Hudson.

Really? Do you know what this does to moms like me? Do you know how frustrating it is at bedtime to be scrambling through the house looking for "Tongue Queen" when all I can find is "Regular Queen"? My eyesight just does not measure up to the laser-like sight of my son. He can see which car is which from a mile away.

Please stop the madness.

Think of the mothers.


Ali Bray


  1. AMEN! I laughed out loud over this post. I too, go through the same torture.

    Every time we go to the store, my guy wants to look and see if there's a new Lightning available.

    "But Mom, I don't have this one with the tires on his eyes..."

    That's why Disney makes the bucks. They know kids.

  2. seriously, i don't get this one at all either.


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