Kids Music That Won't Drive You Nuts

I love when I find music that is made specifically for kids that doesn't make me crazy. Our kids have grown up on a steady diet of good music, and when I say "good", I mean music that can be appreciated by adults and children alike. The Beatles, Martin Sexton, Jack Johnson, Switchfoot, Norah Jones... these are just a few of the artists that make us all happy.

I do notice that my kids get excited about songs that are written with a little more of their world view in mind. Less of the "Hey Jude" vibe, and more of "Tricycle, tricycle, love you with all of my mind..." Some of our favorite children's artists are Francis England, Milkshake, Jack Johnson's Curious George soundtrack. These are artists that are so stinking good at singing about things that make kids think and tick (and talk - be forewarned).

And now, we have a new favorite tunes maker that writes with the child's world view in mind - Sarah Lee Guthrie. How could she not be amazing with that DNA? Her style is mellow, slightly twangy, and perfect for sipping lemonade on a sunny day.

We have a free download for you today so that you can get a taste of Sarah's style. My kids love their cousins more than they love ice cream. Seriously. And, that is saying a lot because they have a whole lotta' love for ice cream. They ask about when they will get to play with their cousins again daily. They count the days, the hours, the minutes until the next time we will be united, and this song had their ears perked up and their hearts skipping a beat.


Please enjoy a free download of 'Cuz We're Cousins from
Go Waggaloo.

'Cuz We're Cousins


What are your favorite tunes to blast in the house or car with your kiddos?


  1. My kids love them some Dan Zanes and Justin Roberts. They don't quite qualify as GOOD music, but they LOVE them.

  2. you MUST listen to Elizabeth Mitchell! You will love it!

  3. My son and I love The Barenakedladies "Snacktime" album and "Songs to Howl at the Moon By." Amazing album.


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