Eye Candy to get your creative juices flowing

{photo by Blue Cricket Designs}

If any of you are nesting, and want some great tutorials that seem incredibly user friendly, check out this compilation on Make & Takes. I love that wall art above!!!

{photo by Julie @ Joy's Hope}

And, I about ruined my computer by drooling all over the keyboard when I saw Julie's post about how to make a ginormous chalkboard. I love the chalkboard, but I LOVE the aqua wall behind it. Makes me really happy. How fun would it be to start a tradition of scribbling love notes to each other?

{photo featured on Make & Takes, by Little Birdies}

If you are looking for a fun project to do with your kids, check out these really great greeting cards. Greeting cards that you can plant. In the ground. Yep. Your kids will be so excited! You can see the post on how to here.

If you aren't feeling this creative. Or, if you simply do not have the time to take on a project - do not feel an ounce of being "less than"! Just carve out a bit of time to color with your kids today. It will be therapeutic for you in some way. And, for the competitive creatives, we learned of this fun contest being run by Little Miss Matched. Check it out, if you are feeling up for a creative challenge.

Got any creative projects cooking? Any favorite links you want to share?

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