Valentine Parfaits

These healthy snacks make the perfect treat for your little Valentine. I made them last year for my kids' class parties, but they would be great in small batches, too. And I think it's safe to say that they're a nice break from box after box of conversation hearts. They are super simple to assemble:

1. Layer vanilla & strawberry (or raspberry) yogurts, and sliced fresh berries into clear cups. Use real yogurt! Trader Joe's has so many yummy varieties.

2. Whip up some heavy cream, then drizzle in a bit of agave syrup. Continue to beat until stiff, then dollop on top of the yogurt.

3. If you can get them, top with Trader Joe's Cinnamon Schoolbook ABC cookies (X's & O's of course!). These cookies are a favorite in our house, and there are plenty of X's and O's in each tub.

{Finish with fun heart sprinkles if you're feeling fancy.}



  1. Mmm, I forgot about those. I'm sure that would be an acceptable breakfast (for me), right? :)

  2. I wish I would have seen this earlier. I was searching for something different and somewhat healthy for my son's class Valentine Party which was yesterday. I will tuck this away for next year. Or try to make it for hte kids tomorrow.


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