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Parenting is expensive. And not always in the ways that you expect. Sure, diapers, clothes, food . . . all that adds up. But it's the stuff they BREAK that just sinks my stomach a little.

Recently I found my dauughter with three of my necklaces hanging out of her mouth in a tangled ball. So tangled that they had to be discarded. Last year, she broke the Shift key on my laptop, so I get to capitalize with one hand when I type. We have had two kids flush a toy down the toilet, requiring us to hire a plumber and replace the entire toilet. TWICE. Each of my children have broken our DVD player on seperate occasions, and last week I found a Shrek doll in the VCR.

I'm keeping a tally. This will all be paid off once they are working adults.

How about you? What unexpected things have your kids added to the budget?


  1. We are very fortunate, so far, just a $23 replacement fee for a library DVD. They are almost 5 and 3 so hopefully we are through the toys in the toilet stage.

  2. A printer and the carpet... what fun it must have been opening and closing the little door on the printer, prying out all of the colored ink cartridges, then painting the carpet... "look Mommy, pretty colors!" All while I was trying to learn to breastfeed our newborn! Good thing for our boy that we love him so much!

  3. We've had our toilet snaked FOUR TIMES because my youngest not only flushed things down there (including a brand new bar of ivory soap, but then stuck her hand way down in so they wouldn't come back up.

    $40 in library fines for a Curious George DVD that was hidden inside the stereo speakers. Same culpret.

    A tank of sea-monkeys.

    A picnic table. Who knew they weren't meant to be used as a way to get up to the tree house?

    Bedding (look Mommy! I paint room too!)

    The pipe under the sink. Only so many toothpaste caps and hair clips fit in there, it turns out.

    I'm sure there's more...

  4. My 3 year old was in our SUV in the garage. Pretending to drive is a treat. My husband had just washed it and pulled it part of the way in to get it out of the sun and dry it. Mason hit the garage door button inside the vehicle. Garage door down. SUV IN THE WAY! Crunch. The funny now, not funny then part? My husband and I were RIGHT THERE! Speechless, and freaking out, moving in slowmotion, we were unable to move fast enough to hit the button to keep the door from landing on it. We had to have bodywork done. Sweet huh?

  5. Right now, all I can think of is three kids needing new glasses in less than two months. Including one nine-month-old baby who isn't on our vision insurance. Sigh.

  6. The sad part about my story is that it wasn't even my kid.. My friend's daughter took my keys off the table & hid them in my daughter's room. Not only did she hide them, but they ended up in a canvas bin that was put in the top of the closet. I have the only key to my SUV. Of course, I tore my house apart looking for my keys. My poor husband even went through the trash thinking he threw them away by mistake. I had a friend drive me to the dealership to purchase a new set of keys (not cheap) & the keyless entry fob (really not cheap). About 3 weeks after I replaced my keys, my original set turned up when I pulled the bin out of the closet.

  7. Counseling sessions (seriously)

  8. Oh, dear! You all have such young children, I'm not sure I should mention what happens as they get a little bigger and a lot stronger. Or when they start driving. Or when a fifteen year old boy gets angry and slams a door, sending a huge antique mirror flying across the room. Or when your grown kids come back for a visit and manage to break an arm on your crystal chandelier because they had a "sword fight" with brooms in the dining room. Or when they put their arm through the new screen thirty minutes after your contractor replaced it. Or when they break a pipe to your radiant heat expansion tank by hanging from it, don't tell you, and your second floor floods.... And there are mop handles that go through windows, and heavy friends who break sofa frames and stair treads and auto seats.

  9. a leaf in the Wii

    two cribs (apparently they do not withstand jumping toddlers)

  10. Ohhh boy! I laughed out loud when I saw this photo and had to read the post. I'm new to this site and have loved all I've seen so far. This however hits pretty close to home. My 5 year old daughter has never broken anything in her life. She's careful, cautious even, and loves following the rules. My 2 year old son, however, is a very different story. My husband was just saying the other day how tired he is of Luke breaking things! It's getting expensive! Two things that come to mind are the house stereo, broken after 5 CD's were not so gently "placed" in one CD slot and my car stereo, mostly broken after a hand full of change was deposited into the CD player, slot machine style. Every now and then the change will all slide around inside and I can play a CD, but when it all shifts back again, it's game over. I can actually hear the money clanging around in there when I turn corners!

    Anyway, thanks for a good laugh (truly!) and for helping me realize I'm not alone on this crazy journey of motherhood!


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