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We love this space for sharing ideas and resources, but sometimes it's just interesting to share our take on what's going on in the world. I was struck by two events recently - one was a recent quote by Miley Cyrus to the parents of her fans. In a nutshell, she abdicated her responsibility as a role model to children, and seemed pretty unapologetic about frustration over her sexed-up image. On the other hand, this week Tiger made a very public apology about his inappropriate affairs.

While we certainly can't compare their behavior, they seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of their philosophies of responsibility to their fans. What is your take on this? Do celebrities need to be responsible role models? Do you think Tiger Woods owed his fans an apology? Do you think that Miley Cyrus should be more sensitive to the kids who look up to her?


  1. if anything, miley has more of a responsibility to be a role model because her entire image--from movies to albums to tv shows to bedding and jeans--is packaged marketed exclusively to children and impressionable preteens.

    if she really wants to abdicate responsibility, she should sing better and more grown-up songs, because no one but the teenyboppers are interested in "ndding their heads like yeah."

    if it weren't for disney and the teenybops, she wouldn't have a career, so acting a little gracious and responsible to the fans (and parents) who've bankrolled her would go a long way.

    as for tiger, i appreciate the humility of any public figure's apology, but i don't think he has the same role model burden as teen queen miley.

  2. I think Miley's behavior shows that she herself has had a lack of positive role models in her own life. If she had, maybe she wouldn't think that she needs to be "sexed up" in order to be successful or grown up or happy or whatever it is she is trying to be.

  3. I agree with Suzannah. Miley IS a role model for young people. Tiger may be a role model, but not intentially. I could cere less about Tiger's apology, but I do not follow golf. My kids will be impacted by Hannah Montana someday. And just like Britney Spears, it stinks when the "pure role models" fall publically.

  4. I love Suzannah's take on Miley! With an 8-year-old girl at home, I completely agree.

  5. Personally, I don't care if either take responsibility. I think it is our responsibility as parents to find people WE think are good role models for our kids. I hate this culture's reliance on celebrities and actually making people into celebrities,and then being mad that these people are just as human as anyone and have their own opinions/actions. These people are only celebrities because we allow them to be so. If we stopped caring as much about their lives, they would just be people who played golf or acted or whatever.


  6. I think Miley is just immature at this point and will one day be embarrassed by her words and actions. We've all been there. I do agree that it is our responsibility as parents to teach our kids right from wrong and to talk about "celebrities" as they are BUT the only way "WE" can keep our children from looking at celebrities as role models is if we lock them in the closet. It doesn't matter what I think of 7 yr old daughter is with her friends at school all day and so if they like Miley, she likes Miley. It is part of being a I think more than anything you just need to talk to kids..."Do we think what Miley is wearing is appropriate?"...and that kind of thing. The whole Tiger thing....I don't think he owed me an apology and I (the fans) got one so I think he did a standup thing in apologizing. And he is human and needs forgiveness like the rest of us.

  7. This is my take...Miley Cyrus is a teenage girl, and YES she is in the spotlight. Unfortunately the world, ESPECIALLY North America has laid down the responsibility of PARENTS being the first and strongest influence in their children's lives. It is ridiculous to think that a 16 yr old should bear the indescribable weight of guiding a generation of teeny boppers into the right decisions (which by the way...varies from home to home) she would be crucified for being wrong NO MATTER WHAT she did or stood for. It will always rub someone the wrong way.

    The fact of the matter is I read, see and hear the insanely negative things people are saying about this kid and 90% of these tasteless, hurtful comments are coming from adults...what is THAT teaching our kids when WE are that judgemental and lacking in grace?

    Let's remember at the end of the day...Miley Cyrus is a daughter, a sister, a grandchild and...a KID. Let's also remember that it is a normal development in the path to adulthood to rebel and try some risky things. This step can't be skipped and although SHE is in the public eye doing it...chances are...our daughters are going to try some stuff out too that we won't like, and imagine the lack of grace and understanding being bestowed upon her as if it was your own daughter.

  8. I don't think Tiger Woods or Miley Cyrus owe anyone anything. If people are going to continue to buy their stuff (Nike, records, etc) then they can keep doing whatever they want. If stuff starts to not work out so well for them, then they might change their actions. Who cares, though.

    I agree with the lady up top that said that we as parents should pick out who WE want to be role models for our children.

    Tiger is a role model for many young black boys and unfortunately he made a mistake (or a couple it sounds like!), and you know what ... so do 100's of other men in this world every day. Explain that to your kids. Talk to them about it. Don't put anyone on a platform, b/c they will ultimately let you down.

    i of course have kids that are too young to get this, so i might have a different take on day, but for now that's my take. who cares. i hate that they do that, and hate it for their life, but I don't know Tiger so he doesn't need to apologize to me.

    that's my two cents. who knows, i could be way off.


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