Pizza Party

Maybe I should blame it on the Superbowl, but I am all about pizza right now. I tried this amazing recipe from Real Simple this week (see the picture on right!) and is it ever mmmm mmmm good.

We do pizza a couple times a month and we rotate between buying the frozen pizza from Trader Joe's, and the whole wheat dough from Trader Joe's and making our own. My kids LOVE when we make the pizza ourselves because I give them each their own dough and let them make it themselves. It takes a lot longer (I have to almost tie my hands behind my back so that I don't take over. It is painful to watch the spreading of sauce look that hard to do.)

One of my favorite ways to make the homemade kind is super simple and so, so good. You could use the veggies you love and vary the spices to what you love as well.


pizza dough
olive oil
diced garlic, 3 cloves minimum
salt and pepper
thinly sliced red peppers
thinly sliced red onion
diced roma tomatoes
finely chopped fresh basil and oregano

1. Prepare dough as recommended.
2. After dough has risen, put a bit of olive oil in the bottom of a baking sheet and spread it around evenly so that there is a light coating.
3. Spread the pizza dough across the bottom of the baking sheet, aiming to spread it thinly across the pan. It may or may not make it all the way across the bottom of the pan. No worries.
4. drizzle the dough with olive oil. Add salt and pepper to taste (I know you cannot taste it while preparing, so you have to take a guess based on your salt/pepper preferences.)
5. Spread out the diced garlic and with the back of a spoon, rub the salt pepper and garlic into the olive oil.
6. layer the rest of the toppings.

Bake according to instructions on the dough, and take out when crust is golden (if you like a more crisp crust, leave it in a bit longer).

We love to dip this pizza in marinara sauce or ranch dressing.

This could be a great appetizer as well.


  1. okay, i'm starving and that sounds SO GOOD!

  2. Thanks for the recipe. I make homemade pizza often, and usually when its left overs... For example, I make tacos, then the next day we have either taco salad or taco pizza. Just pour all the stuff on lettuce (make a sour cream salsa dressing) or on pizza. Use Salsa as the sauce. I will usually heat up the "tacos" and partcially bake the crust with the salsa, then put it all together. After baked... add guacamole and sour cream.... Enjoy... Thanks again!

  3. The post made me crave for some pizza! And I like it home made! Thanks for sharing this one to us.

  4. We love TJ's pizza dough. You have to try this recipe:

    (We're all about pizza in our house too. :)


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