Love is in the Air

With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching, we have to give a shout out for one of our favorite Veggie Tales DVD's, Silly Little Thing Called Love.

We love the cute little veggie kids and their completely realistic "kiddo-speak lingo". My favorite video segment is where Madame Blueberry takes a journey that brings her to the realization that gratitude is what will make her happy, not stuff.


  1. We LOVE Veggie Tales over here! I haven't seen this one! I'm going to let my daughter watch it right now!

  2. Veggie Tales are amazing movies to teach and inspire children! I love the values that have been instilled in my children from them. Funny thing...we have Jonah Veggie Tales, at church they were learning about Jonah. My 3 year old son rose his hand and said, "Jonah went to Nineva." If this is a giveaway, we would so love to win these movies!!! I now have a cute daughter who would love them!

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