Just Add Sunshine

It's not just plants that need a little water, fresh air & sunshine to thrive...

We took these photos on our impromptu hike at Top of the World, in Laguna Beach. It was just what our family needed. A perfect day. Our wee fam, the outdoors, a balmy breeze, trail mix, running down the hills until it feels like your legs cannot keep up, throwing rocks into the puddles, marveling at the colors in nature.

Where is your favorite place to go outdoors with your kids? Go today...it will change your day.


  1. Beautiful pictures, beautiful little family! Your boy looks just like his granddad! When our kids were little, they loved going anywhere outside-- especially if there were rocks to climb!

  2. I desperately need to do that this weekend. Maybe Santa Cruz...

  3. oh man, i wish. it's 4 degrees with two feet of snow in pennsylvania. i'm itching for spring and getting the kids out of the house! we live at a summer camp with 500 beautiful acres, but it's still too cold to take the tinies out. spring can't come fast enough!

  4. We love the hikes at Laguna too but I did something so fun with my girls on Friday! Spur of the moment I printed out a "Beach Scavenger Hunt" from online, and we had so much fun exploring around the cove at Laguna Beach crossing things off our list! We also stopped at the library on the way there and picked up a couple books about the ocean, sand etc, and sat in the sand and read them together which the kids loved. It was a fun family project and a great dose of sunshine!

  5. Suzannah - it has been one of my life's dreams to actually live at a camp. One of my most favorite jobs of my lifetime was being a summer camp counselor. Amazing! Lucky you, and I am so sorry about being stuck inside.

    Christy N - you win, hands down, the "I made my kids' day award"!!!


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