getting the scuffs out

I love sneakers. I love Converse sneakers. I love Converse sneakers on little ones.

I don't love how scuffed the toes get after a few wearings. Soap and water didn't seem to touch the marks, and sending shoes through the laundry always seems to weaken the velcro. This week I had a stroke of genius and tried my beloved Magic Eraser on the toes. Voila! Good as new with very little effort.

Now if only there was a Magic Eraser for the pen marks on my sofa . . .


  1. Magic Eraser works on SO MANY THINGS! So far, my favorite is sharpie marker on the dining room table!

  2. I LOVE magic erasers they are one of the best inventions ever!!!! I love converse's too!

  3. cool! those are the only sneakers our kids wear, so i'll have to give that a try! clean converse toes make such a huge difference.

  4. Holy cow. WHY didn't I ever think of that?

    P.S. They sell a generic version of the Magic Eraser at the Dollar Store and it works *almost* as well.

  5. I've done this and you're right, it works like a charm. I don't have to hate buying white tennis shoes for the kiddos anymore!


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