Forever 21, Why Do You Hate Me?

Dear Sir ('cause I know a woman would not be behind this):

I have an issue with the sizing at your store. I know, I know. The name of your store should be a warning. I'm not 21 - not even close. I know that my needs could be better met in a store called "Forever Mid-Thirties". Or "Despereately Clinging to My Youth". But still, your budget prices and sassy fashions beckon me in again and again.

During my last visit to your store, I found an adorable asian-print dress that would be a great number for an upcoming dinner. I grabbed it in a size LARGE, because I've been to your store before. I know that I am a medium-sized gal according to the folks at Gap and Old Navy, but in your store, I'm a large. I've made my peace with that. Until today.

I tried on the dress. I could barely get in on. I almost needed assistance getting it back off. This dress was so tight that any thoughts of moving or sitting while wearing it would be disastrous. This dress did not fit me for dirt.

Which leads me to believe that, according to your store, I AM AN EXTRA-LARGE.

I sheepishly ask the dressing room person for the dress in an XL. Oh wait . . . you don't even carry that size.

Now. I am an average-sized girl. I usually hover between a size 8 and a size 10. Yes, I could lose a few or 15. But I'm finding it hard to believe that, along the spectrum of sizes and body types in America, that this is the largest size you can offer. That your staff has decided that someone my size is an extra-large person.

Let me suggest that you consider changing the name of your store to Forever 12. Because that's the only age group that can comfortably fit into your clothing.


  1. Love it! I too am a medium at most stores or size 8/10. I like to shop at Ann Taylor Loft because I'm a 6 there sometimes. But I love to buy cheap trendy stuff to add to my ever growing wardrobe of neutrals. I just totally agree with you on this one!

  2. AMEN! Couldn't have said it better myself. I have more issues with sizes at Forever 21 & Charlotte Russe. Or even Aeropostle. I tried a size 14 shorts, even though I'm a 10. And could.not.get.them.up. Nothing. They didn't budge past my knees. It's horrible really!
    But I've had to deal with this as long as I've been wearing clothes. God blessed me with a small waist & large hips. Yes, I know most girls want the hour glass shape until they actually have to try & find stuff that fits.

  3. Ahahaha!! Love this! I bought some things for my daughter from this store for Christmas (she's 20 and tiiiiny) and the jeans were *surprise* too small! Of course they were a size 6...
    Thanks for the laugh.
    Good stuff.
    one more XL

  4. You are not alone! I hate this factoid about this store. I ran into it at BCBG too, and wrote about it back in the day... :) What a crackup.

  5. True, true, true.

    I'm in your boat.

    We had better not both sit on the same side or apparently it will tip over and sink.

    I stick to the accessories there. :)

  6. Oh so very true!! I've learned to only try on dresses and shirts (with no sleeves) that are "flowy" from there. I'm glad to know it's not just me, we are all fat. LOL.

  7. I so agree! I am 22, a size 2-6 (depends on the store). I went into Forever 21 last summer and found a cute pair of shorts. I held up a size Small and actually GASPED out loud. The only people those suckers would fit is an 8 year old. SERIOUSLY! If you have hit puberty you will not fit into their pants or shorts. Unless you are the 1% of the female population that has no hips or thighs at all.

  8. Seriously, it's ridiculous! It can't even be good for the self esteem for the girls that are 21. Like you I have come to terms that even though I wear a s-m at most stores...I am inevitably a Lg there! Good thing their cheap accessories don't come in sizes :)

  9. My Mom went in there to look for my sister something...they went up to her and said "We don't carry anything in YOUR size" Needless to say, Mom walked out. Hurt and upset!

  10. I'm a 21 and weight 125 and I still have to wear a large from Forever 21!! This happens when a lot of stores and it's starting to give me a complex!

  11. I think they're in cahoots with Charlotte Russe.

  12. That's weird. Some size S dresses from Forever 21 fall right off of me and I've always complained that most big stores run too large. Then again, it may depend on the area you guys live.

    And Tawny? Can't be good for self-esteem? I think girls should be happy with their bodies no matter the size.

    And Chelsea... personally, I find being called the 1% of the population that has no hips or thighs just because their clothing actually fits some people offensive. It's wrong to bash other people's bodies, even if they're skinny.

    And no, I'm not twelve, thank you very much. Nor do I have a twelve year old body.


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