a day in the life

wake up at 5am - try to get a crying child to go back to sleep.

doze until 7am, discover both girls have peed through diapers.

throw crib bedding in washer.
throw India's bedding near washer.

feed Karis while snuggling Kembe.

get kids dressed.

discover we have no breakfast foods.

remember valentines are due at preschool.

frantically address 24 valentines from Jafta, 18 from India.

plop Karis in an exersaucer while Mark drops off kids, take shower.

realize it was snack day for India.

find snack to have Mark take back.

get call from Mark - he forgot he had a 9am and missed his first client.

lament with Mark about what a hot mess we are right now.

blow dry hair while Karis tries to climb up my leg.

change a diaper, realize I have no baby wipes.

load Kembe and Karis into car to do a grocery/diaper run.

stop by Starbucks for the first time in months, feeling free with only two kids.

go to Target - debate taking in double stroller or chancing that a multi-kid cart will be available.

remember last week and the lack of multi-kid carts and the chaos in cause.

take stroller.

pass by 3 multi-kid carts at the entrance.

ponder how to fit all my diapers and groceries into teensy stroller basket.

get shadowed by a security guard who thinks I'm shoplifting.

become subject of stares as Karis has full-scale tired meltdown in Target.

do laps around store as baby cries for 30 minutes.

shove groceries around both kids and into every available space on stroller.

contemplate abandoning groceries and high-tailing it out of store when screaming escalates.

complete purchases while holding screaming baby and wondering why she didn't just take her nap while I shopped.

scold myself for trying to make a plan.

realize Karis will now fall asleep in car and leave me in a bind when I pick up older kids.

shove groceries into car around ginormous double stroller.

drive to preschool.

Karis falls alseep.

stroller falls over onto groceries as I drive.

arrive at preschool.

contemplate how to keep Karis asleep when stroller does not fit through doors of classrooms.

attempt to carry the carseat in my arms.

make it halfway across parking lot
turn back for the stroller.

open trunk. groceries spill out.

raw eggs crack ON MY SHOE.

stash eggs in a bush in front of other preschool moms.

take off shoe.

open pack of baby wipes to clean it off.

wrangle Kembe and still-sleeping Karis into stroller.

abandon stroller (and children) outside classroom door while retrieving children.

decide to salvage eggs, because I don't want to go to another store with four kids

find eggs, pull out shells, place the rest in a grocery bag.

head home.
open trunk, snag sleeve of on-sale-but-still-spendy anthropologie shirt on trunk handle.

rip sleeve off new shirt.

unload four kids from car

remember I haven't eaten lunch.

nor has Kembe.

start prepping lunch.

offer Kembe a peanut-butter sandwich.

deal with meltdown that ensues upon discovering I forgot to buy peanut butter.

hold Kembe for 45 minutes as he cries, thinking about groceries still in the car.

still hungry.

have panic attack about the state of the house.

need to pee.

get Kembe distracted with promises of goldfish.

bring melting groceries in from the car.

put away groceries while attempting to feed Karis.

abandon non-perishables for Mark, sit down to feed Karis.

check email.
discover nasty comment on blog.

try not to let it affect me.

let it affect me.

stare at mess of house and wonder where to even start.

get pressured into playing Kembe's favorite "pretend you are asleep until I scream and wake you up" game.

kids bring ALL of their bedding into living room to play this.

another panic attack about the state of the house.

try to ignore it and play with them anyway.

put a grumpy Kembe down for his nap.

attempt to put Karis down, realize her bedding is still in dryer.

lay out a beach towel.
emphatically request that India go poop on the potty instead of 2 seconds into her nap in her pullup.

she declines.

2 seconds into her nap, discover India has pooped.

change her diaper.

India and Kembe fall asleep.

Karis poops.

risk waking India to get diaper from the room.

put Karis down for her nap.

begin to get a bit giddy about potential for a simultaneous nap.

have a little quiet time with Jafta.

warn Jafta within inches of his life that he must enter his bedroom quietly and not call out during his nap, so he won't wake up his brother.

Jafta lays down, and then calls out for water, waking Kembe.

lose my cool with Jafta.

watch my only moment to finish laundry/return emails/make phone calls/clean house drift away.

try to coax Kembe into sleeping more.

accept defeat.

snuggle with a groggy and grumpy Kembe.

realize I still haven't eaten.

or peed.

hear Karis wake.

Kembe won't let me go.

Walk into nursery holding Kembe in one arm, grab Karis with another.

plop all of us on the couch.


think about all of the things that won't get done again today.

eye the thank-you cards, the filthy floors, the laundry on the sofa.

try to enjoy the snuggle.


hope tomorrow is easier.


  1. I feel your pain and would like to offer a small suggestion about bedding.

    I have a system of bed protector, sheet, bed protector, sheet, bed protector, and sheet all on the mattress. This way when I have a diaper leak I can tear away the sheet and protector and have the next sheet and protector waiting. Then I'm not pressed to wash the laundry that very day.

    I hope this small tip will make your day a little easier.

    Thanks for sharing your day. Again, I feel your pain. I think we've all been there.

  2. wow! that was a tough day. I hope it is easier tomorrow too. It will be a bit easier since you don't have to do Valentines at the crack of dawn:) You sound like you need some time off. Do you have a friend that would come over and shut her eyes to the so called mess that is causing you panic attacks? for a few hours. Just so you could linger over a cupa at Starbucks or anything? I hate asking for help, but sometimes it is necessary, it's more important to keep your sanity than to do everything on your own. Take care.

    That bedding comment is brilliant. I'm off to get some bed protectors!

  3. At least all of us moms can sympathize with each other. We all have these days...and often.

  4. I don't want this to come off the wrong way but this made me laugh and want to cry...only because I can totally picture this happening to me but with only one toddler. I can't imagine it with more kids!

  5. I am not sure how I ended up here but I am so glad I did! I can SO relate to this post (minus 1 child). Valentine's Day is a curse on parents of preschoolers.

  6. Kristen, I just love you to bits and hate to say it but I'm so grateful my kids are now 10 and 12. (though at 830p last night after not even being home yet, my son dropped on me - oh we also have to do a space mobile for an oral report due tomorrow) I totally remember those days with only 2 kids. I want to help!!! Would you let me come help one day (weekend) or night?

  7. Thank you for providing a glimpse into the "REAL" life of a mom. I only have two children--I can't imagine having four so young! God Bless You! :)


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