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I'm not really making a bunch of resolutions this year. I'm starting out the year running my first half-marathon, so I'm feeling pretty proud of myself, and not looking to make more goals involving self-discipline or achievement. I am wanting to make some changes, though, and it's tricky because the changes I need to make really revolve around NOT checking things off of a list. I have an incessant need to feel a sense of achievement or completion each day. I was poking fun at this tendency of mine in yesterday's post, but in reality I know that this is an area where I need some serious growth. I can spend hours of my time trying to tick items off of my to-do list. I have a hard time relaxing. Just sitting and enjoying my children is difficult for me. After a few minutes of playing ponies or peek-a-boo, my eyes start wandering to the scattered toys or the overflowing laundry bin or the list of people I need to call. I am constantly distracted by a sense that I should be doing something important. Unfortunately in my unconscious value system, just being with my kids does not seem important enough. Cognivitely, I don't feel this way. I want to give myself permission to just sit and really "be" with my kids. Somehow I have a hard time translating that desire into my everyday behavior.

So . . . my resolve for the coming year is to figure out how to put that into practice. I want to achieve less. To get less done. To complete fewer tasks. I want to put mothering on the top of my to-do list, and I want to live in a way that reflects that priority. This priority:

What are your resolutions for this year? Are you a task person, or a process person? Do you need growth in getting things done, or are you hoping to simplify?


  1. I am such a tasker. I can identify with everything you shared. I am hoping to do the same. I am VERY aware of how quickly my kids are growing right before my eyes. I remember the random comments I would get as a brand new mommy from parents whose children were out of the toddler/preschool stage. "Enjoy them. It goes so fast." That stage seems so, so s-l-o-w. But, now, I totally get it. I am that mom looking at the little baby drooling on it's mom's shoulder at the grocery store. Wondering how my little ones grew out of that phase so quickly.

    So, I have a huge value for this being a year of gratitude. Relishing the moment I am in with a thankful heart. Appreciating the view, the sights, the sounds and the chaos that is with me and my fam at the moment. Because that moment will be gone and I will want to be back there at some point. It will take a lot of self-disciline on my part not to be so disciplined and to actually CHOOSE to sit instead of doing what seems like it needs to be done.

  2. Well said. I can totally relate and want to join you in that resolution!! Other things can wait!


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