News from Haiti

I want to update you all with the little information I know about Haiti and what is going on with Kristen & her baby Karis. We are asking that you continue to pray! Please pray that Kristen and Karis will be able to get home as soon as possible. The situation in Haiti is not good. There are bodies lining the streets (risk of disease spreading soon from these bodies decomposing), the palace has collapsed, there are many who are seriously wounded, and fear of diesel and food rations beginning soon. Kristen's baby is sick and has been vomiting for days. Flights are grounded and rumors are that many flights may not be operating again until February. We are looking into any and every option in order to get Kristen and her baby to a US city. If you have contacts that could help, please let us know.

To read Kristen's detailed account of what is going on, go to
You can also follow the tweets that Troy Livesay is posting, which are being used in major news feeds because it is one of the only ways people can communicate.

Please pray. Email your friends, sisters, moms, dads, brothers, co-workers. Pray for the nation of Haiti. Pray for the wounded. Pray for relief. And, please join us in praying that Karis and Kristen would be home safe and sound with their "United States" family soon.

Thank you.


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