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We love the buzz of the New Year. Fresh Starts. Clean Slates. Even in our parenting. 2010 is looking bright, mamas.

We love Julie's "meh" post about daily life. I think we can all identify with this feeling. Sometimes blogging can bring pressure to be creative, funny, inspired, and there are many moments in the motherhood journey that are not all that creative, funny, inspired. Feels good to know we are not alone in our meh-ness. (It is totally a word.)

We love Isabel olivier's new fashion line. Long a favorite brand for moms-to-be, Isabel Olivier is branching out of the maternity niche and designing gorgeous, sophisticated pieces for all women. Their dresses feature luxurious fabrics and flattering draping for a night out on the town.

We love reader Jen's honest post about how motherhood affects our desire for physical touch. Can you relate?

We love Pirate's Booty! It's a healthy snack that most kids really like, and they have so many fun flavors. We just got to try their new pizza flavor, and my kids were hooked! It's got a great zing, and it's gluten and dairy free, for kids with allergies.

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  1. It is definitely is good to know I'm not alone in my meh-ness right now! :)


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