Help for Haiti

The earthquake that took place in Haiti earlier this week hit incredibly close to home. Kristen Howerton, one of our writers and co-founders of MM was there visiting her son she is in the process of adopting. The devastation is unimaginable. It is being compared to Hurricane Katrina, but without any of the infrastructure to begin the clean up process. Many people will be without food, water, etc.

We can help.

  • Money is going to be the most useful way to tangibly help out. There are countless organizations that will be working to help re-build Haiti, but we are promoting World Wide Village simply because Kristen has worked with them, trusts them whole-heartedly and we know that every dollar donated will go to the people who need it most. We also would encourage you to consider donating to Heartline Minstries as they need to re-build their orphanage and birthing facilities.
  • Pray. Continue to pray for people to be found alive in the collapsed buildings. For peace in the midst of the chaos. For people to remain calm and cool-headed as things get worse and water and food are scarce. For the children who are frightened. Even pray for the little things - that people would be able to sleep without fear.
  • Contact your state representatives, and express your desire for the Haitian children in process of being adopted to receive Humanitarian Parole. It is absolutely absurd that there are families in the USA waiting to bring their children home, and those same children are in the midst of chaos without clean drinking water. Take a few moments to express this desire!

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