Fixing a leak.

How is it that telemarketers know just when we will be sitting down for dinner? How about the gazillion credit card applications and other junk mail items I get daily? Don't these people know about the "green" movement?

Here are some tips for fixing those pesky "information leaks":

  • Say "buh bye" to telemarketers. Register your phone numbers on the FTC's Do Not Call list. Go to, or call 888-382-1222 from the number you want to register. (If you register through the website, be sure to click on a link in the confirmation e-mail you receive.) Most telemarketers should stop calling once you've been in the registry for 31 days. Note to self :: You need to re-register your numbers every five years.
  • Lower your risk for credit theft. You know all those offers for credit or insurance that declare you have been "pre-approved". Identity thieves may intercept these and, with the right additional information, apply for credit under your name. Call 888-567-8688 to opt out. With a single request, you can halt pre-approved offers of credit or insurance that are based on information from the consumer credit-reporting companies: Equifax, Experian, TransUnion, and Innovis.
  • Stop the paper trail. You ordered one throw pillow on clearance, and now your mailbox is visited daily by the catalogue fairy. Opt out of catalog mailing lists through Abacus, which compiles a database shared by catalog and publishing companies. [write to Abacus, P.O. Box 1478, Broomfield, CO 80038. Include the full name of everyone in your house who should stop receiving unsolicited catalogs, your current address, and your previous address if you've moved recently.]
Got any tips for putting the "kabash" on any other annoying habits of the modern-media world?


  1. Thanks for this info!

    I also like

    They stop all junk mail too, as well as plant trees for every donation...we've used it for a couple of years


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