TALK BACK: New Year Manifestos

Alright, mamas. Let's put our hands together and resolve to be more present in our daily lives; with our kids, with our husbands, with our friends, and with our activities. What does this look like for you? What habits do you need to shift to make sure your life reflects your priorities? What are some changes, be it ever so small, that you would like to make in the coming year?


  1. 2010 will be my first year as a mom. One major change I am making is cutting back on my work hours. A change I am anticipating is becoming more flexible, which is tough for a me as a person who likes a plan. We are becoming foster parents (potentially adoptive parents) so flexibility will be necessary for our family.

  2. For me that means grounding myself in the Word first thing in the morning, and then working harder at keeping my home clean and organized so that I have more time and a lighter heart to be able to love on the kids more effectively.

  3. For me, that means getting stuff done when it needs to get done. Don't fool around first. If laundry needs to be done, don't sit at the computer for 15 minutes first. It's hard, seriously, but I CAN do that and then I will have more time to do the things that I want to do and more time to do fun activities with my kiddo.


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