octopus crime

My poor, sheltered, almost-five-year-old. His strict, uptight prents don't let him watch any of the mature cartoons and movies many of his young peers are watching, so he must learn about the action heroes from his friends at school. He has come home many a day talking about Fawn Solo or Pirates of the Carrivean or Dark Vader - always unclear on who these people are, but always sure they must be really, really cool.
This is his new favorite. "Octopus Crime". He's the head of the Transformers. Apparently with long arms designed to provide padding for flatpacked Swedish furniture.


  1. My sons are also cruelly sheltered by their parents and must learn about such things from their friends as well. Although my mom did buy a Spiderman book for my older boy, who is now an expert on men who can shoot webs out of their wrists, apparently. Sometimes I feel bad because I know what it's like to grow up with almost no references to pop culture in the home, but I think I grew up okay. And did I mention my nearly seven-year-old devours Magic Tree House and Junie B. Jones like they're going on out of style?

  2. This is too funny!!! Love his imagination!


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