Don't throw away those holiday cards!

It is just about the time for all the lovely holiday cards to start arriving. In the spirit of reducing, reusing, and recycling, why not try recycling them as gift tags to use this year or next year? All you need is a pair of scissors, a hole punch, and some twine. Check out this tip from Ideal Bite on recycling cards.

Have a stack of photo cards that you can't bear to throw away? I hate tossing out photos, but never know what to do with them. One solution is to start a Christmas photo scrapbook. We have done this for the past five years and just now have a full book.
I crop the photos down to fit several on a page, and it's a fun way to look back at our friends and family over the years.

Have any other ideas for repurposing Christmas cards?


  1. we save the cards from last year, tear off the pretty fronts, and use them as big gift tags on this year's gifts. so much easier to write our large family's names on too!

  2. I use cards in scrapbooks as art instead of buying "Christmas" stickers and such. Also, for our wedding, I cut out all the messages from our cards and put them in our wedding scrapbook from pictures of those guests from our reception. I also plan to do this with cards from my baby shower and son's birth.


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