WFMW: green your kiddos artwork

We love this tip that came from MamaBite, a shoot off of Ideal Bite, one of our favorite resources for bringing a little more green into our world.

Recycling Our Kiddos' Artwork

Kiddos' drawings just hangin' around the house, collecting dust?

The Bite:
Give 'em a job to do: Show your kids how to reuse their old artwork as wrapping paper, greeting cards, or as part of their next masterpiece. You'll clear up piles of old projects, spark creative ideas, and get spent paper back to the grind.

The Benefits:
  • Giving trees some time off. Paper goods suck up at least 35% of the world's yearly commercial tree harvest. Reusing a coloring book page or flipping over a finger painting spares a few.
  • Relocating to a better home office. Recycling art helps clean the house out from under all the kid clutter, but without trashing any beloved pictures or adding to the waste stream.
  • Training on-the-job. Repurposing paper and crafts gets kids' imaginations going, and demonstrates the value of reuse.
  • Slashing expenses. Money saved on paper and crafts products can be put to better, um, playdate cocktails.

Wanna Try:

  • Use larger art pieces for wrapping paper, and smaller pieces for thank-yous and birthday cards.
  • Collect old illustrations, then concoct and write a story to accompany them (with your kiddos' help if they can). Staple pictures and story together to make a book - voilá, a gift for grandparents.
  • Cut the pages of used coloring books into strips, and staple them together to make paper chains. Great as Christmas tree decorations - just wrap them around the tree like a popcorn string.
  • Paste drawings onto cardboard and cut them up to make puzzles.
  • Snip watercolor paintings into little pieces and glue them on another piece of paper or cardboard to make mosaics.

Bang For The Bite
If 10,000 bitty Biters reuse just one piece of paper a day for an art project instead of grabbing a new one, after a year they'll save 317 trees.

Do you recycle artwork? Got any other ideas on how to green up your kids' art inspiration?

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