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I got one of those random spur of the moment urges today to clean out my kitchen cupboards. You know the one - when you absolutely do not have the time to take on a task, but you have the overwhelming urge to dive in anyway. The end result - me rushing out the door to pick up my kids from school with my kitchen's contents scattered throughout the room. sigh. But, the positive side of that is I was reminded of how many great cook books I have that I so seldom use. Cooking with me is one of my daughter's favorite things to do, even if it is just getting to mix up the batter, tear the herbs, dump the salad contents, or measure the cups of water. The downside of her helping - it takes planning on my part. A frazzled and running late to get dinner on the table mama is not the best combo with the ever curious, I have a question about every little step of the cooking process child.

Here is our talk back question: What are your favorite cookbooks? Got any cooking resources that you use on a regular basis? Do your children help with the meal prep on a regular basis?

Here are some of my favorite cook books:

Kids' Cook Books
A great website - Spatuletta - where kids teach kids how to cook through videos!
Family Fun & Wondertime also have great recipes that are kid-tested and mostly mother approved in their monthly publications

Mama Cookbooks
I love the site for pulling recipes
Cooking Light is also one of the best resources around for more health conscious recipes.Check out their list of 20 minute meals - a lifesaver for the busy mama!
The Nourish Network is another new favorite of mine.
Anything by The Barefoot Contessa is amazing, even though I gain a few pounds just reading the recipes.


  1. I love Martha's Everyday Food, a compilation of simple recipes from the little magazines. LOVE Barefoot Contessa, I have all her books! The kids love to help me prep, but I usually just give them a job that's not *really* for the meal. Something to keep them distracted. Last night I gave the 2-yr-old a cucumber on a plastic plate, with a plastic knife, then let her go to town. She ate them all along the way (right before dinner), but who can argue with getting a little full on veggies?

  2. I've got a great Crock Pot cookbook that I turn to in the winter - that thing makes soups and stews so easy!

  3. What a great post! I feel like I spend a lot of time planning and making meals. Right now, I only have a 16 month old who is too young to help, but I plan to involve him in the kitchen when he is around 3(training him early :) I use a variety of cookbooks (mainly the resources you mentioned in your post), and I also take note of recipes on blogs that I follow (such as this one). Then I print the recipe and give it a try. IF I like it, then I file it away in a folder system that I have by category (chicken main dishes, pasta, appetizers, etc). I also make notes on the recipe so I can remember what we liked and what, if anything, we would do different when making it. When doing meal planning, I flip through the folders for ideas.

  4. One more thought...I love shopping at Trader Joe's and have the "cooking with Trader Joe's cookbook". I was really excited about it, but I have tried several recipes and haven't really loved any of them. Are there any that you really like?

  5. I am a huge fan of, if I need a recipe that is where I go. The best part is that people leave tons of comments about how the recipe turned out and then what they did to improve it.

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  7. Well, I am loving the new Pioneer Women cookbook..I love Paula Deen too but she uses so much butter it may kill you!
    sandy toe


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