Mama Love

... We love the group of moms who banded together to form Get Pumped when their friend passed away leaving her husband with a young baby. Their grassroots efforts have collected enough breastmilk for her baby to be fed breastmilk exclusively, through the donations of other moms.

... We love Etnies. From now until Dec. 4, you can get $10 off every $40 you spend on Etnies’ website! Just use the promo code: ETNIES FAMILY.

... We love Born Free for their BPA-free bottles, so we were thrilled to learn they were designing BPA-free silicone teethers. Designed by a dentist, the teething ring stimulates and is designed to soothe and help those painful teeth erupt. It can be stored in the refrigerator and features a nifty little groove for spreading teething gel, so that your baby gets a bit on the gums when she bites down.

... We love Jeff Wallace, an amazing photographer who has the most incredible eye and the gift of capturing families in motion. We are big fans!

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