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... We love Julie's post over at Joy's Hope that challenges us all to re-think what to give for Christmas this year. Have you enjoyed a nice glass of water today?

... We love the eco-friendly reusable snack bags called Reusies. They are the perfect alternative to ziplocks. Think of how many ziplocks travel in children's lunch boxes every single day. We think it's a great gift idea for the mamas in your life who want to go green in 2010!

... We love the Slither, a fun new scooter for boys that has a swivel mechanism, making it easy for kids to ride it like a snowboard. It's a great gift for an active boy (or a boy you'd like to get off the couch). You just might want to hide it from your husband, though.

... We love this yummy recipe idea for Pumpkin Cream Sandwiches from Real Simple. It's like the cookie version of pumpkin pie.

... We love the Nutmeg & Vanilla and Vanilla Spice essential oils from The Body Shop for bringing the cozy Fall vibe indoors. Add a few drops of oil to one of the oil burners and tuck in a safe place (guest bathroom, thank you very much).

... We love this post at We Are That Family for articulating how important it is to let our kids be themselves.

... We love fancy sparkling cider drinks that get us in the mood for holiday festivities. R.W. Knudsen has a great new Pomegranate version of the classic sparkling cider, in a champagne-style bottle, thank is the perfect beverage for holiday dinners.

... We love the new board book “Look Who Is Coming…”, a great photo book for all young children, but created specifically to address the needs of the author’s young son who was diagnosed with Autism. It helps children learn to recognize the important people in their life.

... We love that Thanksgiving is almost here! Lets make this a week of practicing the posture of gratitude. We started a gratitude list in our house that we are adding to daily. We also liked this Thankfulness Collage idea from Make & Takes.


  1. What is wrong with those people at Real Simple? That is NOT a pumpkin cream sandwich.. that is a WHOOPIE PIE. Good Lord. Clearly they are not from PA, or New England.

  2. I love my wrap n mats and the happy sacks very similar to the reusies. My kids also dig their laptop lunch boxes too. Have you used those before? I hated all the ziploc bags that would be at the botom of my kids lunchboxes. Now the kids lunches are totally waste free. Which I love.


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