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... We love Plan Toys! As Christmas approaches, we think their smart, green wooden toys make great gifts for kids of any age. Plan Toys have a hip, modern edge that moms will love, while their developmental toys are safe and eco-friendly. Check out the Plan Toys facebook page, where the developers solicit feedback about their toys from other moms!

... We are digging this clip of underwater astonishment is sure to leave your kids in awe of the vast ocean wonders and ecosystem deep in the sea.

... We love the new album by Switchfoot - Hello Hurricane. We've been rocking out all week to and from school and while we make dinner! Switchfoot is one of the bands in our house that is both kid-friendly and mama approved!

... We love the ever crafty Make & Takes simple instructions on how to make your own funky dishtowels. Why pay $18 at Anthropologie when you can make your own? If you really want to hit it out of the park, choose your favorite anthropologie design and copy it. These are the perfect hostess gift.

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  1. Love the dish towel link-thanks. I already forwarded it to my mom...the one with the sewing machine-Thanks!!


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