if you play it, they will come

Further proof of the magnetic properties of the television . . .

For the last month, I've been letting Karis watch a Baby Signs DVD every day. Both Jafta and India watched this when they were babies, and they really did learn some sign language from it so that they could communicate before they were verbal. And also so that we could make them perfom party tricks like signing "poop" in front of a large audience. Because poop is funny, ya'll.

However, every time I put the video on for Karis, Jafta and India stop what they are doing and sit and watch it, too. Even though it is a TOTAL baby show, with slow, boring shots of toys and animals and rotating gizmos, and even though they have each seen it umpteen times, they just sit in a daze and stare at the screen for the entire twenty minutes.

Kiddie Crack. The television is Kiddie Crack.


  1. LOL I have a pic like that when the baby was a month or 2 watching Olivia. mama needs her breaks!

  2. At least it keeps them all quiet and in one place! My daughter used to watch that video all the time. I kinda miss that lady with the weird bangs. There are Signing Time Videos for older kids that Jafta and India might enjoy :).

  3. Yep, my kids request them. Out of all they could watch or even do, they want to watch sign language. Both of my kids are very good talkers and no longer use their signs, they just like the hypnosis of the toys I think. I wonder if I hung their toys from the ceiling and gave them a twist at nap time if they would be equally quiet and mesmerized...you are getting sleepy...

  4. What IS it about that series?! It is the only TV my 10 month old is interested in watching and it has always been that way. It doesn't matter if I've been gone all day, the baby is starving and needs to nurse, and I walk through the door-- if that DVD is on everything will have to wait.

    (They really do work though, he could sign "all done" by 9 months and recognizes "eat" and "milk".)


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