TALK BACK: a whole day

Let's dream a bit today. Suppose you had a whole day to yourself, with no responsibilities and nothing pressing that needed to be done. (Remember, we're dreaming here). What would you do?


  1. I just told my husband that this summer Im leaving all the kid with him and Im going to the Bahamas 100% ALONE for the weekend. I am just going to pack a carry on bag, read a book on the plane, get to my hotel and plant my ass on a beach chair where I will read, snooze, take in the scenery, and have my food and drinks brought to me until its time for me to go home.

    Then reality hit me that my husband cant even take care of the kids for 3 hours with out a disaster striking. there is NO WAY I would leave him with all 3 for 3 or 4 days, LOL

    It was a great idea in theory though right? ;)


    I am so overwhelmed by the thought that I started to have a little panic attack about it. I would stay in my house, which would be empty, of course, and I would lay around in my bed with my computer and a book and my dogs and sleep, read, catch up on my tv shows, and putter around. And talk to NO CHILDREN.

    Lately this feels like my life:


  3. I would do what I always do, go to my fave beach with a good book or a load of magazines and my diet-pepsi and chill. Always wait for the sun to set. Total Bliss !!!

  4. one half of it i would stay in bed and read and the other half i would work on all those sewing projects i always say i will get to and never do. i would be IN MY HOUSE with NO KIDS!

  5. Shopping for clothes & hobby stuff for & by myself.
    Eat out with a friend.
    Sip on Chi Lattes.
    Watch a chick flick in a theater (matinee probably) with comfy seats and lots of snacks.
    Browse a book store.
    Chat on the phone and have uninterrupted conversations.
    Complete a photo spread in my scrapbook.
    Read a book until I fall asleep.


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