TALK BACK: How do you "do" Halloween?

Do you celebrate Halloween as a family? Do you trick or treat, or do you carnival? Do you ration your children's candy, or do you let them have free reign? Do you dress up via Target, WalMart or costume store OR do you go the handmade route? If you are a fan of the handmade costume vibe, you will love these links that Make & Take's shared today.


  1. You know it seems kids everywhere don't really celebrate Halloween anymore the way they used too. My husband and I think its really sad. It was one of our favorite holidays ever growing up. The trick or treating has been replaced by all these parties and carnivals where the kids are supposedly much safer. My husband and I decided to take our kids trick or treating a few years back in the neighborhood, the kids were so happy they begged us to do it the next year. I have to admit it was a lot of fun, and one of the older couples even dressed up for the kids and seemed rather excited to see kids trick or treating. We didn't see many kids out, but there were a few. Probabally the lone soldiers out there trying to hold onto the Halloween of the past. I think kids are missing out. I mean one, they now have to be dragged all over, just to get a little Halloween fun. And two, there is something really thrilling about going out into the night air and knocking on people's doors and saying trick or treat. In my opinion it is the whole joy of it. I'm sure kids will have fun at all the big events adults plan for Halloween to try to substitute for the real deal, however, I know from my kids, that stuff is really overblown and overrated. Its sort of like the over the top birthday parties that somehow forget the birthday person. (Kids come for the party, not the person.) They would much rather have the simpler, because to them the fun is getting to do it. We have to be careful as parents that we don't overdue it so much, that we actually allow our kids fun opportunities, and to be honest these activities are no less safe or fun. The media would have you think that if you let your kids trick or treat, you were taking a huge risk, when that is not the case at all. I say lets let our kids be kids and have a good old fashioned Halloween, full of night air and excitement, and of course tons of candy.

  2. Thanks... good sharing. keep postng.

  3. We've been doing things all week, from a Halloween party for kids at our town's college, and last night we went to a party at the library. My son is a toddler, so I doubt I'll take him trick-or-treating this year.

    I did make him a costume though. Max from Where the Wild Things Are.

  4. I "do" Halloween by going all out. I was hanging my decorations in September last year but this year Im doing halloween half assed, LOL I just put up the decorations and have not even gotten the kids costumes put together. I just dont have the energy this year :(

  5. I love making our own costumes. I'm not much of a seamstress, though, so I tend to make them from existing clothing and use pins/stitch glue/a bit of hand stitching/hot glue.

    We usually go to a community Halloween event, but this year, we went Trick-or-treating with friends in their neighborhood and we all had a blast.

    We ration candy. This year, we gave our biggest kids a bit more free reign because they've shown they can be responsible, but they still get a limit.


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