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How do you feel about your child's homework? Does homework for them really translate into homework for you? Do you feel like they have an appropriate amount or does it seem excessive? How do you make sure it gets done?


  1. My son starts homework at 3:30 and usually ends around 7:00 then dinner. He has Western Europe, Latin and Ortheography...he is in 4th grade at a classical school.

    Sometimes I just want to sit down and cry...

    I am a teacher by trade and I feel like I teach 3 hours after school and he is a good student.

    But, I tell my kids...this is your first job-this is your job! We expect your best-

    But, it can be excessive! Can you tell I had a LONGGGG night yesterday?

    sandy toe

  2. I was a teacher as well, and I have a little different perspective on homework. I homeschool two of my children now, (did public school for a few years), and I am amazed by how much more my kids learn in a lot less time. Honestly, part of this is due to one on one attention, and also the freedom to explore areas of interest with a sense of wonder and excitement, rather than duty. Now, there are areas of learning that are more dutiful than fun, and my kids have to learn the basics. However, I believe that children are going to specialize, like we adults do. There seems to be a lot of emphasis on being good at so many things, there is little time to figure out where that specialty is. We prepare a lot of kids for college but not for life. How many college professors do we need? I think we should invest more time in figuring out where childrens' strengths are, and helping them develop a sense of where they want to go with it. I have realized that when you allow them to explore more what they love, and who they are, they do well in those other subjects as a side benefit. I had my oldest tested last year, and in many areas she tested three grade levels ahead. Funny, I didn't spend any time training her for the test! Schools seem to want test scores and scholars. The reality is that people that have time to think and develop real skills, are better at what they do. They can think outside the box for solutions to problems, and manage difficult tasks all the same. We sort of teach to the tests nowadays, but some of the greatest people of all time were not so academically prepared, in fact they failed a lot trying what they loved, but they had enough passion for what they did, they kept at it. I have a great quote up on my wall by Thomas Edison, it says, "I have not failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." Great Post!

  3. I don't have a problem with the current amount of homework that is assigned in his 3rd grade class. He can usually do it within 30-45 minutes.

    However, I am appalled at the lack of personal responsibility that they have to take now.

    My parents were never even aware of what we had to do and we did it because we wanted good grades. Period.

    Now, I have to check his homework, administer timed tests and sign off on a planner to ensure he brought home all of his homework and it was completed properly. It seems to me like we do way too much hand holding and supervision these days. Kids are amazing people who will rise to the occasion if we let them.

  4. oh get me started. I just cannot put into words how much I hate homework.


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