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It seems like everyone is concerned about the flu this season, especially with the additional threat of H1N1. What steps are you taking as a mom to try to avoid the flu? Do you usually get the flu shot? Do your kids? How about the H1N1 vaccine . . . will your kids be getting it? How did you come to that decision?


  1. My kids are just getting over what was likely H1N1 flu. They were pretty miserable for a while (about five or six days), but recovered well. My husband and I were fine, but we're probably less vulnerable to H1N1.

    Our whole family gets seasonal flu vaccines.

    My oldest son has asthma and we've had a few frightening times when he was little. It's gotten better as he's grown, but when he gets any kind of a respiratory virus he wheezes and coughs. If there is anything I can do to prevent him from getting dangerously inflammed airways, I'm all for it. I also like knowing that getting the shots helps prevent us from possibly passing the illness to someone else who might be vulnerable.

    We'll all get the H1N1 vaccine when it's available to us. The vaccine makes sense to me-- I don't want our family to get sick, I don't want us to pass the virus to anyone else, and I want to give the virus the least opportunity to mutate into something even more dangerous.

  2. I've been hearing that vitamin D is a natural flu preventer and fighter. We haven't got our annual flu shots yet this year. I am considering skipping it and see how our winter goes.

  3. From the research that has been done about the flu shot, they are really not that effective anyway! My son is special needs and has several respiratory issues however I choose not to get him vaccinated. You are injecting a live virus into your body, so in the chance that your body fights it off great! But in the chance that it doesn't it can make you more sick. Not a chance I'm willing to take. I pump my kids up on Vitamin C, probiotics, and lots of collodial silver!!

  4. I think it is interesting that countries overseas and the makers are refusing the H1N1...Healthcare workers even. HMM! What does that say? I work at a childrens hospital and there is no way I would inject my body w/ it nor my kids.

    Too many risks. I put my trust in Jesus and the person who made the body will heal the body. Plus the fact there is good ol mercury in it turns me off too. Plus it is a live virus. no Thks!

    It is the flu and people are freaking out. If media would stop the craziness then people would not be freaking out.

    If people take care of their bodies (God's temple), eat right, take supps, wash hands I think we will survive.

    I give my kids vit C, cod liver oil and a probitotic to keep their immune systems healthy.

  5. My kids pediatrician told me she had a hard time pushing the vaccine. Not one of our family members will be receiving the vaccine and will do our part to stay healthy (i.e.: wash hands, probiotics, vitamins C & D, etc...) and hope for the best. The media is ridiculous using buzz words like "pandemic", and it is incredibly irresponsible!

  6. I received the seasonal flu vaccine this year, and do so every year. The only reason I’m not going to get the N1H1 vaccine is because there is a shortage. I’ll let my dose be given to a high risk person. The fear of vaccines seems somewhat irrational to me, almost archaic. I think vaccines are miraculous. I actually went to school with a girl who had to live with the permanent paralysis caused by her bout with polio, a disease that is today all but eradicated by a vaccine. Smallpox, another deadly and disfiguring scourge, has been eliminated because of a vaccine. The new HPV vaccine will protect future generations of women from contracting the virus that causes 70% of cervical cancers. A 0.5 mL dose of the N1H1 vaccine contains 24.5 mcg of mercury. Albacore tuna has 0.35mcg of mercury per 6 oz. serving. I know an alternative health practitioner/MD who thinks N1H1 is a very serious risk (and she seems to be no fan of big pharma). She says,”the data is overwhelmingly convincing to me that it is a safe and good idea to get myself vaccinated and my children as well, to help protect the collective and the further expansion and ultimate mutation of this viral pandemic, lets use prevention to nip this pandemic in the bud!” Lets not forget, the 1918 flu pandemic (caused by a mutated strain of the N1H1 virus) killed 50 MILLION people. I think it is better to be overly cautious and overly prepared, the alternative could be much worse.


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