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We love the new Veggie Tales DVD, Veggie Tales St. Nicholas. As we approach the season where our children are inundated with messages of the newer, better toys out there, this is a refreshing message of true joy coming from giving to others. We LOVE the idea of watching the movie as a family, and then putting together a Christmas box with your kids to donate to a great charity (i.e. Operation Christmas Child) so that they can experience first hand the joy of giving to others.

We love the hilarious blog Handmade Gone Wrong, that highlights the worst in home-ec ventures over the last century. Go have a laugh at some craft projects that shouldn't have been started!

We love the new portable cookbook for Trader's fans. As die hard Trader Joe's shoppers, we were immediate fans of the first cookbook Cooking With All Things Trader Joe's, so we were ecsatic to hear about The Trader Joe's Companion: A Portable Cookbook. It's filled with quick and easy recipes, time-saving tips, and entertaining ideas featuring Trader Joe's ingredients. We only wish we had thought of doing this first!

We love ABC to tha Diaz's recipe for Cajun Pork Chops over at Good Cookin'.

We love pumpkin season! For those Mama readers in the Southern California region, Fox’s Family Fun Days are happening this weekend (October 24 & 25) from 11-3PM. In honor of the Ice Age movie trilogy being released soon, Shawn’s Pumpkin Patch and Lopez Pumpkin Patch will be hosting a party with pumpkin carvers carving Ice Age-themed pumpkin carving stations, glowstick giveaways with a chance to win a DVD box set of the first two movies, and decorating tables to trick out pumpkins with googly eyes, stickers, glitter, sequins and more.

We love this article from Welcome to the Dollhouse, about being the "annoying parent" at school. Can anyone else relate?


  1. I was just thinking today I need to make a TJ's run. Thanks for the resource and info on the new book! Yay!


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