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We love . . .

. . . the PureBarre workout DVD, for using ballet bar moves to create a killer 40-minute workout at home. You will feel it in your butt!

. . . the Didymos Wrap, a fabulous baby carrier from Europe that is about as flexible as we've seen for babies of all sizes.

. . . seeing one of our favorite bloggers, Stephanie Neilson, on Oprah, talking about her recovery and reminding us to cherish our kids and every moment we get with them.

. . . blogger Liana's description of being the "annoying mom" in the classroom. I can relate!

. . . the aden + anais muslin swaddle blanket being sold at TARGET! My five-month-old daughter still loves to be wrapped in it every night, and I use it as a nursing cover duing the day. It's light and so pretty, and can be used for anything.

. . . blogger Whitaker Woman's ideas for family fun night. Search through her archives for some inspiration!

. . . reader Heather's story of what happens when mommy gets creative and then tries to get the perfect shot. Classic!

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