Mama Love

Mama Love is our new Saturday feature. It's our quick bullet-list designed to point you to some online stuff we love, and to some products that have caught our eye.

We love this article from Divine Caroline on post-baby sex. Yeah, we're going there.

We love Childish Clothes for creating rock-star worthy clothes for little ones, designed by rock-star wife Skye Hoppus (hubby Mark is in Blink 182). Check out their adorable "My Dad Is My Hero" tees.

We love this website for teaching us how to make easy and fun hats out of paper. Craftiness - explained.

We love MD Moms' new Spaaah Baby package that we got to sample at the ABC Kids Expo. It's a personal care line for babies developed by pediatrician-moms.

We love this video at Momversation on whether or not to let your kids "cry it out". A good, honest discussion of the pros and cons.

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