Friday Giveaway: New Teas for the Fair Trade Month

Remember that October is Fair Trade Month. It’s a perfect time to reflect on the origin and growers of our food and take care of those that provide us with gourmet coffee, tea, wine, chocolate, flowers and fruit.

How can one tell if it is "Fair Trade"? Look for the Fair Trade certified logo from Transfair USA ( on food and the Fair Trade Federation logo ( on handicrafts.

In honor of October being Fair Trade Month, we have a "Fair Trade" giveaway!

Santa Cruz Organic partnered with Choice Organic Tea to use their Fair Trade certified tea in two new beverages:

Organic Tea - blends a trinity of brewed green, white and black Fair Trade tea with organic fruit juice to create four robust blends: Peppermint, Mango, Raspberry and Lemon.

TeaZer organic sparkling tea – is a carbonated twist to the still tea. Teazers add a splash of Santa Cruz Organic juice for a subtle flavor to the Fair Trade tea blend. Four super refreshing flavors include Lemon, Raspberry, Pear and Passion fruit.

We have tried these, and we love them! Enjoy these beverages chilled for the best refreshment. Or if you are looking for something warm, Choice Organic Tea also creates a variety of Fair Trade oolong, herbal and Chai teas, along with their black, green and white blends.

All of these teas are sold in natural grocers nationwide.

Santa Cruz will be giving away 3 prizes to 3 lucky readers - the prizes will include four flavors of TeaZers (lemon, passionfruit, raspberry and pear) and four flavors of Tea (lemon, peppermint, raspberry and mango).

Leave us a question answering the following question (submitted by one of our husbands):
Have you ever finished your kids' homework just so you could get it done?

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And now, for the winner of last week's giveaway:

(((Magnolia Girl stuck in the middle of America)))

Congratulations! Shoot us an email in the next two weeks and we will hook you up.


  1. My son isn't old enough for homework yet... but I can't say I'm above doing that!

  2. My son is too young for school, but I'd probably finish his work in a pinch. Especially since there seems to be so much nowadays.

  3. Blogged

  4. I don't have kids yet, but no, I would never do their homework.

    EowynLyn at yahoo dot com

  5. i homeschool and the answer is no!

  6. My daughters aren't old enough for homework, but I would hope that I wouldn't do that... I can see giving them extra help to move things along in desperate times though.

  7. Nope - I wouldn't do it, but I might give some hints.

  8. My kindergartener is supposed to work on handwriting at home but we just don't do it most of the time.

    There was a "family art project" last Thanksgiving, and each family was supposed to decorate this picture of a turkey together. He was bored and kept *carelessly messing up the precious project* so I just did it after he went to bed.

  9. Yes and no. I won't actually do it in my writing....BUT both my kids HATE writing sentences so if we have to be soemwhere that night and running short on time I just might come up with a sentence or two and say "Just copy this". :)
    I'm not proud.

  10. heck yeah I have done my kids homework! What parent hasn't LOL

  11. your on my blog roll

  12. I now follow you on facebook :)

  13. nope...but our schol as a policy doess not "do" homework.

  14. facebook follower

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  16. I have to admit that I have helped my daughter with her homework. I think it was probably more than a little help but she was struggling so badly that tears were in her eyes. She had to draw a map and no matter how hard she tried so just could not do it. I did draw it for her but made sure she put in all the states. The look of relief made it all worth while.

  17. Great article!! We also wrote about fair trade month:

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