Friday Giveaway: Aladdin BPA Free

We are always on the look out for re-useable containers that will help cut down on the paper/plastic waste. We are also always on the look out for BPA free eating ware. We are big fans of Aladdin and their line of BPA free products that are made from recycled materials. Can you say, "win-win"? They have great travel mugs and snack containers (no more ziplocks!), but we are smitten by The Artist series mugs and bowls - they feature art from emerging, hip artists. The designs are incredibly fun and the colors are really bright! The designs are just as kid-friendly as they are mama-friendly. I have been putting my favorite microwaveable Trader Joe's organic mac and cheese in this bowl for my kids and it is still warm 2 hours later at lunch time when they pull it out of their backpacks.

3 lucky Mamas will get to try out the Art Bowl and mug for themselves:

The Art Bowl :: Like an art gallery. Only smaller.


• Art lid. Spend your lunch hour at the gallery.
• Easy-grip lid. Twist on. Twist off. No spills.
• Dishwasher safe. Ditch the dirty work.
• Cool-touch exterior. Go ahead and grab it.
• Microwave safe. Heat + reheat & BPA FREE!!!

Leave us a comment answering the following:

"Aladdin reuses. Do you reduce, reuse, recycle? What are your recycling tips?"

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And now, for the winner of last week's giveaway:


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  1. I ALWAYS reduce, reuse and recycle!

    We compost, recycle, and reuse so much that we only generate a bag of trash every week or two and we were able to cancel our trash service. It was so liberating!!! We use canned good tops to make ornaments and garden signs, we reuse pasta and baby food jars to mix paint, store buttons, bulk goods..... I could go on and on!!!

    Love this giveaway!!

  2. We recycle everything. I love finding new uses for things instead of just throwing them away. I use empty baby food jars for mini-planters, I wash cans of veggies, take off the labels and use them for making wind chimes. We paint them and put sparkles on them to shine. I also take the cans, put on some glow paint, put wholes in them and then candles. They light up the walkway and are perfect for when you sit outside at night. They smell so good! There are so many things I have found to do to reuse items. Not only is it inexpensive but the challenge is so much fun!!

  3. I recycle but not in the "sort out yuor paper, plastic and glass" way. I recycle things into new jewelry, home decor and gifts! I have made luminaries from baby food jars, mittens from old sweaters and old kitchen utensils as garden plant markers! All old newspapers are used in lasagna gardening as mulch!

  4. We recycle as much as possible the traditional way (glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, etc.), but I also try to reuse items. I sort and store all gift bags, tissue paper, and ribbons and use them to pretty up gifts, and old stationery or cards can be made into new ones to give to friends!

  5. Our new way to recycle is cutting up old t-shirts for napkins. I take them whenever we have snack or a picnic and it saves a ton of napkins, wetwipes, or paper towels.

  6. i've always been an avid recycler, but recently i've been convicted that reusing/repurposing and reducing consumption altogether is better--bc recycling still consumes a lot of energy. so we're buying fewer convenience items in packaging and repurposing things like glass containers to reduce our overall energy consumption.

    these bpa-free plastics are lovely!

  7. We finally have decent curbside recycling and between that and composting, we barely throw anything out anymore.

    I especially love the Matte Stephens and Jon Burgerman designs!

  8. Bring your own "to go" container when going out to eat


  9. I do all 3, I save and reuse glass jar for food storage, recycle whatever I can, and try to avoid products wit excessive packaging. My best tip, is to shop locally, and use local co-op or health food stores to buy staples in bulk.

  10. I do all 3, I save and reuse glass jar for food storage, recycle whatever I can, and try to avoid products wit excessive packaging. My best tip, is to shop locally, and use local co-op or health food stores to buy staples in bulk.

  11. Actually, I drive my family crazy with recycling! I attempt to recycle
    everything possible. Aluminum, glass, plastic,paper, etc. Also, I grow seeds in empty yogurt containers.
    Your giveaway is adorable. Please count me in.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  12. We make our life greener by regularly recycling everything possible. We also use CFLs, Energy Star appliances, and reusable shopping bags. We combine driving trips to save mileage -- and turn things like lights off when not in use. *Thanks* for the giveaway!

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  16. We try to recycle everything. We use a lot of our things to use for craft making and I donate a lot of items to the Salvation Army. My grandkids even decorated a recycle bin of their own and always are looking for items to recycle. They find a lot to bring home from the park. Thank you!

  17. We definitely always recycle. Plus we do a lot of reusing by shopping secondhand and my younger daughter wears clothes from her older sister. We could probably do a little more reducing, but we're working on it!

    xpsundell at gmail dot com

  18. I follow your blog!

    xpsundell at gmail dot com

  19. I use reusable bags when shopping

  20. We do whatever we can to reuse and recycle, using cloth grocery bags, cloth napkins, cleaning rags in lieu of paper towels, and composting.

    I'm an artist/art teacher, so I'm always on the look out for things I can incorporate into art, like baby food jars as paint containers.

  21. Get your kids involved! My daughter LOVES to sort out our recycling and has even caught me when I overlook something. What a great life lesson for all of us!

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