Eat This, Not That Kids' Drink Choices

Here is another great tip from the fellas over at Eat This, Not That.


  1. such great choices but they left out the 100% juice capri suns. My kid drink those because they turn the empty boxes in to raise money for the school

  2. I thought maybe "eat this, not that" was a good resource, but quite frankly, after seeing this post I am left wondering. These are all still high-sugar, empty calorie drink choices, except for the one which has 1 gram of sugar, but my guess is that choice is laden with artificial sweeteners and chemicals. What about real milk? Veggie juice? Water anyone?

  3. Jenna :: I agree with you 100%! I would always push water and milk over the other options. There are so many products out there that are touting "natural" and juice titles and I think the one this this source from "Eat this, Not That" offers is a way to filter out the lesser of the evils. I would use those beverages as a "treat" or if you are going to be choosing a beverage other than water or good old mild, choose those that have less sugar.

    Thanks for your input!!!


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