drama (you give me fever)

My kid (as most kids do) use some vocabulary that is uniquely their own. The funniest to me by far is the way Jafta refers to Karis's frequent spit-up as "drama". I have no idea how he picked this up, but he actually thinks this is the correct term for it. Of course I don't correct him, because it cracks me up. Nearly every day I hear him say "Uh-oh, Karis is having some drama right now". Or "There's some drama on the floor over there." Or "Burp her so there won't be any drama." Hilarious, right? I mean, why would I want to correct that hilarity?

India, on the other hand, says that she is "spitting up" any time she actually pukes. I know this, because she throws up quite a lot. She is my little carsick sweetie. A couple enthusiastic pushes on the swingset, and she is sure to lose her lunch. It's so bad that I actually have a technique for protecting her clothing on airplane rides, that involves tucking a blanket into her shirt and then suspending the other end from the seatback tray. Pretty effective.

Another of Jafta's unique colloquialisms is that he claims to have a fever any time something hurts. I'm sure it's based on hearing me say that he had a fever when he was sick. But now, any time he hurts himself, he will hold his head or stomach or knee and say "I have a fever! I'm getting a fever right now!"

Last night, we managed to have a perfect storm of drama, fever, and spitting up. India took her usual nap around 2pm. She had a rough morning, but I didn't suspect anything. I've been so focused on trying to keep the asthmatic and the infant healthy that India kind of slipped under the radar. When she was still sleeping at 4pm, I thought it was kinda nice. At 5pm, it seemed a bit curious. At 6pm, I actually started to worry a little bit. I went in to check on her, and she was burning up with a fever.

She obviously had some sort of flu bug, and when I woke her up she told me she had "spit up". Which she had, all over her bed. Which Jafta discovered and called "drama".

India then proceeded to have "drama" about seven more times last night, all over the house. Despite the puke bowl we hovered under her chin for the better part of the night, she managed to catch us unawares and spew her "drama" on every square inch of the house.


Fortunately, this morning she is back to her usual self, evidenced by the fact that she made five costume changes by lunch, and then kept lunch down. But Jafta - Jafta has been pointing to his tummy and saying he has a fever, which might actually be correct. And I woke up with the scratchy throat, sour stomach, and body aches that seem to hallmark half of the winter when living with kids in preschool.

Hmmm . . . must be flu season.

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