WFMW: extending the life of the dress

My daughter has several cute dresses from last summer that were just a little too short for this year. She is always a girl on-the-go, and prone to showing her undies to the world. I needed a solution for modesty, and to keep some of her dresses in the rotation, and I found this solution on etsy. I'm not sure what you call them in your parts - knickers? bloomers? pantaloons? Whatever they are called, I ordered them in three colors, and she wears them every day, which saved dozes of dresses from going into the hand-me-down bin.


  1. so cute! there's nothing like extending the life of good clothes.

  2. with the 80s circling back I've found lots of cute leggings that work for this too. Really cute with denim dresses or cotton ones too. Nice for the cooler fall weather.

  3. Don't forget, THAT dress comes back to grandma!! She looks adorable--as usual!


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