Talk Back: You kiss your mother with that mouth?


We've all been in this scenario... it's you with your kiddos and somewhere nearby there are people (business men, teenagers, girls out for a girl's night...) talking away. They are loud and they are using, ahem, colorful language.

How do you respond? Do you move away out of ear shot, do you ignore it, or do you ask them to be respectful of young ears?


  1. Just yesterday I was riding my bike home behind some middle school boys with some pretty filthy mouths. I had my toddler behind me so I said, "Excuse me? Would you mind keeping it down until I'm past you? Thanks." I was polite, not snotty, and they kept it down and didn't say anything else while I was in earshot. I don't know if that would work in every situation but I felt better for saying something. Maybe it will remind them to consider who's around before they run at the mouth like that.

  2. My kids hear me swear more than any random strangers. I handle it by asking myself to knock it off. Sometimes that works and other times I get really upset at how rude I was to myself.

  3. The best way I ever saw this handled was on the underground (subway) once when there were two large teenage boys with music blaring who were laughing and swearing at each other.
    All the Mums and older people were looking at each other wondering who was going to make the first move, when a little old lady moved and sat down next to them saying 'My Goodness that's fun music you're listening to! Now tell me, is that what they call garage, or is it hip hop?'
    The two lads looked a bit embarrassed. Spoke to her in mumbles and grunts, then got off at the next stop. Nothing more uncool than behaving in a way that Grannies approve of!

  4. ugh, I have no idea. I have a potty mouth so my kids are kind of used to it :( The other day my 3 year old asked my hubby "daddy, why do adults have to say damn it?" he frowned and said "they dont and I shouldn't" I gues that is the best, honest answer he could have come up with.

  5. When I read this I thought you were talking about how I handle it when the kids hear ME swear. Huh, so I don't get the mother of the year award? :)

    And I'm so encouraged to read that I'm not the only mom who has done this!

    My language isn't actually too horrible, but they've heard me swear at times, and other people too. We tell them that those are rude words for anyone to use, but they are adult words and not for children to say.


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