Talk Back: Halloween ideas?

What are your Halloween traditions? What are your kids going to be? Are you dressing up too?


  1. good question! so far i think we'll have a Dorothy, a Captain Hook, and a ??? (indecisive 8 year old). every year i have the whole family over for meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and apple cider (i pipe the white potatoes into ghosts and sweet potatoes into pumpkins). then it's trick-or-treating, stealing all the good candy once they're asleep, then putting the rest out of their sight. it's usually one piece a day til they forget about it altogether after about a week :)

  2. I used to host a pumpkin carving party. We did this 5 years in a row. Everyone brings an appetizer or desert and a pumpkin to carve. I supply the space and the cutting devices and I clean up. Last time we had 40 people show up, of all ages. Super fun. I intend to revisit this tradition after our renos are complete.

    For now we've started a new tradition (since last year) of going to a near by city and spending the evening with good friends in a nice neighborhood. We take the kids treating (they are preschoolers, not really tricksters yet) down one side of the block and up the other and then we're done. It's simple fun and we look forward to getting together and putting our kids in costumes that make their arms stick out and prevent them from being able to sit down properly.


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