TALK BACK: Back to School

For most of us, September means that our kids are back in school. The unsctructured days of summer are over, and it's time to get back into the daily routine.

How did you feel about going back to school this year? Was summer too short or too long for you? Do you crave the structure of the school year, or do you miss the freedom of long summer days?

Got any back to school tips or suggestions you want to share with the rest of the class?


  1. I miss my kid. I work afternoons and early evenings, so now that he's in school I only see him a little bit in the morning and an hour or two after work. It's a hard adjustment. I'm trying to make up for it on the weekends but we are always so busy.

  2. I had the summer off work, so I was a temporary SAHM for about 10 weeks and it was awesome. The kids and I all really enjoyed it, and it went too fast. I'm working again now and it wasn't at all horrible coming back (I do really like my job), but I miss my kids. They're pretty great, even if they drive me nuts sometimes.

    "Structure" sounds sort of secure and predictable, but right now for us the fall schedule feels restrictive. Maybe we're all still adjusting, but it doesn't feel quite normal yet.


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